The fusion of entertainment and surprise will surely captivate the heart as one reads through these wonderful books!

Whichever Way The Wind Blows

Whichever Way The Wind Blows is and eclectic collection of poems to be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart. The author displays her diversity through the varied subject matter the poems tackle. This collection has the right mix of comedy, fantasy, nature, and reality to appeal to most readers. Although the book is geared  to the youth, readers of all ages will enjoy the light-hearted humor involved. Haiku, an ancient Japanese form of poetry is also included.

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From An Ant Hill Springs A Mountain

From An Ant Hill Springs A Mountain is another wonderful collection of fresh new  poems that are dashed with just a splash of color, sure to bring joy and wonderment to its readers. As in Barbara A. Pierce's other poetry she employs both fictional  and non-fictional situations to tell short stories or to relay life messages. And to add more variety this time, the author has included some original limericks.

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Just South Of The Rainbow

Just South Of The Rainbow, another collection of poetry, is equally as entertaining as Whichever Way The Wind Blows and From An Ant Hill Springs A Mountain. The  poems are understandable, interesting, and a lot of fun: a sure recipe for appeal to a wide audience. Most of the poems are reminiscent of a variety of life's experiences, and others are purely fabrications woven into rhyming verse. Most of the poems are quite humorous; a few are of a more serious nature. Included are a few two-line poems called couplets.

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The Emperorís Regret

The Emperor's Regret is an engaging folktale that chronicles the life of a popular young ruler who makes a decision to denounce his royal position in life. The life  style he chooses is far from the dream he envisions. When he is brought face to face with reality, it changes his way of looking at his very own existence. 

Can the young ruler endure the twists and turns his life is about to take?

Follow the young man's journey and witness the magic and the lesson learned.

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A Challenge Of Common Knowledge

Prepare to face a real challenge!

If your child or you delight in taking challenges, here is one neither of you should miss! Author Barbara A. Pierce provides one in A Challenge Of Common Knowledge. The book is a collection of 401 queries and the responses that allow immediate feedback. It samples a variety of subject matter from mathematics, social studies, science, art, language arts, and more. The book has an easy to read format.

This book is certain to stimulate great interest and learning! 

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A Challenge Of Common Knowledge II

Let your imagination work and have fun while discovering new things and expanding your knowledge through this exciting and edifying book!

Miss Pierceís latest book, A Challenge of Common Knowledge II is the sequel to a previous non-fictional work, A Challenge of Common Knowledge .  While sharing a title and format, this new book introduces a fresh set of 401 queries to respond to.  The wide range of subject matter to consider could present a real challenge.  Enfolding four hundred one questions and statements, this second installment will absolutely give its readers a new way to widen their wisdom and allow them to learn new things.  

Have fun, learn something new, and enjoy a challenging ride to the world of questions and statements that will make a difference in your life through A Challenge of Common Knowledge II

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The Game That Sam Plays

Enjoy another interesting, exciting and lesson-filled literary adventure as the author brings her latest publication, The Game That Sam Plays.

In this exciting book, you will follow the story of Samuel Nabors, a young, very lazy boy who plays a game that only he enjoys. As in all games, winning is the goal. However, Sam’s success always becomes an inconvenience for his family, that is, until the game is played once too often. The boy does win, but he also loses.

Read further to find out which game is played, and how it is possible that Sam wins and loses at the same time!

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The Perfect Place for Toodles

The Perfect Place for Toodles tells a story of a very young cat that experiences abandonment and great loneliness in his life. He thinks he has found a permanent home with a loving family. Life is good for a time, perhaps too good. After a while the cat is left to spend many long hours in a window, waiting and watching for his family to return. While there are still some fun moments with his adopted family, Toodles gets the feeling of being left out. Things really take a turn for the worse when an annoying neighbor visits more often and pays a lot more attention to the cat. When the cat is devastated by some shocking news, he makes a serious move to direct his life in a different direction. This book is a touching reminder of the abandoned animal’s plight. It shows the hardships abandoned animals face every day.

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A Mystery in Winters Park

A Mystery in Winters Park begins when Dempsey squirrel reveals that some of his winter food is missing from his storage spaces, the other residents of Winters Park become suspicious. His suggestion that the status of their food be checked as well, sets off accusations regarding his motives. Is he trying to find where they've hidden their food? or Does he plan to steal some later? They think whatever his motives are, they can't be good! So getting his community to cooperate is a hard sell for Dempsey. They fail to understand they may be facing a common threat. The squirrel's only motive is for them to be sure they still have what was stored to sustain them through the Winter. There really isn't enough food left or time left to replenish what may be missing. The mystery that unfolds in this park will certainly catch one off guard. Prepare to be surprised!

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